Ellis Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We celebrate our global community that motivates students to achieve academic and behavioral excellence while reaching their fullest potential as lifelong learners.

Our Mission

At Ellis Elementary School, we build a culture of excellence by:

  • Setting high behavioral and academic expectations.
  • Creating connections.
  • Motivating our students.


About Ellis Elementary School

At Ellis Elementary School, we value the importance of a safe environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. The Learner Profiles are essential to our school's positive climate. Our school community embraces the challenges that foster diverse learners. Currently, we strive to teach and learn through inquiry. Our students regularly talking about their thinking and learning which especially evident in hands-on science investigations and with math manipulatives. Our students enjoy the power of choice in their learning and share their learning through both individual and group projects. These open-ended opportunities enable students to discuss and learn from each other. Having a rich variety of activities allows our students mastery of the Virginia Standards based curriculum.

Currently, our students are learning Spanish which gives them the opportunity to appreciate both the similarities and unique characteristics of other cultures. As we learn about other perspectives and traditions, our students are taught to value cultures. At Ellis, we strive to develop caring and responsible children who reflect on the needs of others. Our learners are encouraged take risks and action when needs have been identified in our community or throughout the world.


For more information, visit the International Baccalaureate website.