School Admission Policy

Ellis Elementary School Admission Policy

Our IB Standards

Culture 1: The school secures access to an IB education for the broadest possible range of students.

Culture 1.1: The school implements and reviews an access and/or admissions policy that clearly describes the conditions for participation in the school's programme(s).

Applying to the Programme

At Ellis, students who are rising 1st graders through 5th graders within our zoned area are eligible for admission into our IB programme. Student participation into the acceptance process in the programme requires a completed and submitted application and student recent report card. The application is an online form on Prince William County Public School website under specialty programs. The applications are due the first Monday in February of the year.

Students are selected based on the criteria of meeting the standards in all subject areas and a satisfactory ranking in work habits and behavior.

Acceptance into the Programme

Students who are accepted into the programme will receive an official acceptance letter from the Prince William County Public Schools specialty office. Families will be offered the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. Families will be sent a Microsoft form (or a paper copy of the acceptance form if they prefer) to accept the invitation to join our programme. The acceptance form details the transportation opportunity and express bus stop that will allow students to travel from their neighborhood to Ellis Elementary School. Upon accepting the invitations, students will be expecting to maintain the IB standards and Ellis Excellence throughout their tenure.

Role of the Students

Students are expected to adhere to IB standards of academic integrity, demonstrate the Learner Profiles and actively participate in the Programme. Students will maintain a proficient standard in work habits and behavior, while also being supported academically.

Access to Policy and Complaint Procedures

This policy is accessible to the school community by a physical copy of the policy being posted in the front office of Ellis Elementary School, and it is posted on the Ellis Elementary School Website under the International Baccalaureate tab on the site. This policy is available in English and Spanish in the front office and on the website.

The complaint procedures are also available to the school community by a physical copy of the document being posted in the front office of the school and on the school website. This documentation is also available in English and Spanish.

Revised 2022