International Baccalaureate
Primary Years Programme

What is the Primary Years Programme?

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Ellis Elementary offers an exciting way for students to learn.  Through questioning and an inquiry-driven approach, students become actively engaged in their learning. 

The interaction of students and their teacher creates an exciting atmosphere of discovery and extended learning.  Students are guided by their teacher with the opportunity to make their own decisions in their learning.  We help students develop "agency" -- which means we give students the tools to direct their learning within the guidelines that are set in the classroom.

Through the 6-year PYP program at Ellis, teachers use the state standards to frame their instruction in a way that allows children to explore and learn through their own curiosity and investigation.  The program goes beyond simply teaching curriculum.  PYP is designed to help students become globally-minded, critical thinkers who develop a love of learning.  Students engaged in a PYP school are prepared to make positive and lasting contributions to their communities in the future.