School Food & Nutrition Services Vision Statement:

Children in Prince William County Schools will be well nourished and, therefore, able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities provided to them.

School Food & Nutrition Services Mission Statement:
The School Food and Nutrition Services Department operates as an auxiliary service needed to support the educational programs in Prince William County Schools.
The School Food and Nutrition Services Department's mission is to provide enjoyable, wholesome, high quality, nutritious meals and food items served in an efficient, friendly manner at a price customers can afford.

Over 800 food service professionals take pride in serving approximately 55,000 student lunches, 20,000 student breakfasts, and 1,800 staff meals are served daily in Prince William County Schools. Additionally, many customers make a la carte purchases. Meals are planned by Registered Dietitians and are based on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. Meals feature a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and low or fat free milk; and properly portioned proteins and grains. Meals are free of trans fats and are less than 10% saturated fat. .

Meals Available At School

School Food and Nutrition Services operates in each school to offer students nutritious, enjoyable, high-quality meals at a reasonable price. A complete lunch offering, includes these components: protein, grains, fruits, vegetables and milk. Several choices within each category are available daily from which students can select a complete lunch. Students must select at least three components with at least one being a fruit or vegetable to make a meal. Breakfast can also be purchased at all schools. A complete breakfast offering consists of grains, fruits and milk. Protein foods are included most days. Other foods are available on an a la carte basis.

Free and reduced price meals are available to students whose households qualify under federal standards. Applications for meal assistance are available from the office in your school, from the central office at 703.791.7314 or online.