Watch Dogs
Who are we looking for?

It is time to come and be a part of your child’s day by signing up for the WatchD.O.G.S. This program encourages Dads and those who are like Dads in their child’s life to come and be a role model and helping hand at the school. You can spend the whole day, half a day, or even just a few hours if that is what works for your schedule. We are happy to have you join us in building a positive school culture in our building.


What kinds of things do WatchD.O.G.S do?

* Monitor the hallways during room switches

* Help with activities in your child’s classroom

* Visit Encore classes and help with Art, PE, or Music.

* Help as needed in the library or join your class for Spanish

* Eat lunch and visit the students in the cafeteria

* Go outside for recess and PLAY!

Celebrating you:

You will get an official WatchD.O.G.S T-shirt to wear

You will be introduced on morning announcements

You will have your picture taken for our official WatchD.O.G.S. Wall of Fame.

To sign up, please call Ellis at 703-365-0287 and ask to speak to our Parent Liason regarding the Watch Dogs Program.