All school supplies for each student are being provided by Ellis.  There is no need to purchase anything with the exception of:
1) Reusable water bottle - a hydrated brain is a brain that can learn!
2) Backpack - you will want to be able to safely take your belonging to and from school.
When sending your child to school with a reusable water bottle, a backpack, a lunch box, and any type of shirt/jacket/coat that might be removed when a student is hot- make sure you clearly label these items with the student name (first and last please) and grade.  Use a black SHARPIE (or similar permanent marker).  We want to make sure lost items can be easily returned/found.
We can't wait to see you on the first day of school - Monday, August 21st!
Parents - if you haven't registered your student yet- please do so by THURSDAY, August 17.