Greetings Ellis Explorers, 

     I am Ms. Jones. I am the part time PE teacher at Ellis. I currently work at three elementary schools on different days. This is my second year teaching PE and working for Prince William County.

  In Physical Education, teachers will measure students' activity levels and monitor progress. The fitness gram tests measure student fitness levels; in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, abdominal strength and flexibility.  Fitness gram testing occurs at the beginning, middle and end points of the year. Students make their own individual goals for the middle and end of the year. At the elementary level, we also focus on skill development in building skills in isolation before a game. 

   On my free time, I like to experience the outdoors; hiking, running, playing tennis and dance. Despite this challenging time, there are many of ways to get active at home. I have attached of a set of helpful links for you and your family to stay in shape. 

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Ms. Jones