Addison and I

Dear Ellis Students and Families,

Our motto is...Here at Ellis, we SOAR to success. We are Spectacular learners, with Outstanding attitudes, who Achieve our goals and are Ready to celebrate our Successes!

Even though the school environment has changed, we expect nothing less than the best! YOU are spectacular learners and can keep being spectacular by utilizing your teachers home learning sites! YOU have outstanding attitudes...when times get tough, we step up! It's your time to shine in a new way of off what you are accomplishing at home by emailing your teachers, tagging us on twitter @ellissoars, or following us on facebook and leave a message! YOU achieve goals...look at all you have learned this past year! We are IB learners and have taught one another how to have a growth mindset, stand up to bullying, and become better people, me included! And as for celebrating YOUR successes...well that is the biggest part I miss...making golden ticket calls. BUT that doesn't have to stop! Email me with the exceptional learning that is occurring at home, or maybe something you have done to be kind to someone. I would love to still make that call, or maybe even a Zoom conference call!!!

We are here for each and everyone of you...we are here to support any way possible in order make this new learning platform for all of us successful.  See you soon Explorers!!!!


Administrative Intern
Ms. Stephenson

Ellis Elementary School