Ms. Meek 3d drawing by Voila app

Pestering the school at large as the Instructional Technology Coach.  I work with the great teachers at Ellis to use technology in the classrooms in new and more globally reaching ways. Extremely passionate about coding, gardening, saving energy, eating donuts, and saving files to the cloud.

Not being let in to a Zoom call?  Double check the time of the scheduled meetings.  Teachers are only on Zoom at specific times, even though the program lets you in to the waiting room.  Remember that Zoom Classes are for students only.  Parents do not join in on teacher zoom calls.  If you are a parent needing to talk to a teachers, use the zoom link teachers provide for their 9:00 to 9:30 office hours.

Zoom might need an update to run properly as well. I will post an announcement in our community canvas page when this happens.

Can't see your Canvas courses? Make sure you are in the Canvas program and not StudentVue.  StudentVue is not the same as Canvas and you cannot get to your courses from there.

I am available for Zoom during the school year and during SCHOOL HOURS to help  staff, students, and parents. I'm sorry, but I am not available in the evenings, weekends, or during school holidays.  Email Ms. Meek and describe the problem you are having with as much detail as possible.  Screen shots help a lot.  I will return your email with a zoom link where we can work together to solve the issue.

Here are the problems I have been able to help with:

* Step by step help creating a password for the pwcs username - email your teacher first for your username, student id number and birthday

* Setting up an authenticated zoom account - make sure you have already created a password for your email address.

* logging on to Office 365 to access Canvas- make sure you have already created a password for your email address.

*showing you where to find the observer pairing code to set up your parent account.

You can email our Technical Support Specialist,  Mr. Strong, if you are experiencing problems on your Ellis loaned device with:

* audio functioning
* camera functioning (Will it work in Zoom, but then not other programs? Make sure you have turned Zoom completely off so that other programs can access the camera)
* track pad/mouse functioning (Does it seemed locked? Look for orange light in upper left corner and tap it twice)

Need Spanish Translation?  Please email Mrs. Decales