The Ellis Elementary School Counseling Program

Our Mission:

Through relationship building, advocacy and collaboration with stakeholders, the Ellis School Counseling program promotes a safe and caring environment that empowers students to achieve academic excellence and become responsible members of society.

Our Vision:

To provide a comprehensive and culturally responsive school counseling program that addresses, supports and develops the academic, personal/social, and career needs of all students. 

Our Beliefs:
All students can achieve and be successful

All students have diverse strengths, needs, and abilities that are valuable and should be respected.
School counseling programs are an integral part of the school community and academic program
School counseling programs should be data driven to ensure that the specific needs of students and the school community are addressed
School counselors are partners in education with students, teachers, parents and community members and utilize a team approach to eliminate barriers in school achievement

School Counselors strive for professional excellence through continued study and participation in professional organizations and workshops.